DefinitiveDx is the new way for doctors to share and discuss patient cases.


DefinitiveDx is the new way for doctors to share and discuss complex patient cases. DefinitiveDx enables doctors to find the definitive diagnosis and best management option for every patient.

Share real patients, if you’re looking for help, or educational cases, if you’d like colleagues to learn about interesting cases.
Invite all DefinitiveDx doctors, a specific panel or select individuals to give their opinions. Precise access control keeps patient information safe.
Suggest differential diagnoses, vote to find the definitive diagnosis and then discuss the best management options. Make sure each patient gets the care they personally need.
Create your own panel or simply share a case with an existing panel. For example, find out how the European Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiology is helping to improve the anaesthetic care of sick children around the world.
You can also choose to offer your expertise to healthcare businesses. Join advisory panels to help them make better business decisions more quickly. You may be reimbursed for your time.

Case studies

Primary Care Physician >

Reduce secondary care referrals by discussing cases with GP colleagues.


You can reduce the number of secondary care referrals by consulting with your peers when you are unsure if a referral is required.

  • Create your own DefinitiveDx GP panel
  • Share cases with this panel when you're not sure if they need to be referred
  • Share cases with a specialist panel like the Paediatrics Southwark Panel
  • Get your peers' opinions on each case
  • Only refer the patients you need to refer


Improving the anaesthetic care of sick children.


The European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA) is offering their expertise to improve the anaesthetic care of sick children around the world.

Simply share paediatric anaesthesiology cases with this panel to get their expert opinions.

Find out more.

Pain Specialist >

Ask peers to find evidence-based management options for your complex cases.


You sometimes see patients who are easy to diagnose, but challenging to manage.

  • Invite your peers to join your own DefinitiveDx Pain panel
  • Share complex cases with them to get their evidence-based advice
  • Evaluate all opinions and evidence to choose the best management
  • Give your advice in return when they share a case

Paediatric Interventional Radiologist >

Discuss cases with an international panel of paediatric radiologists.


Your specialist peers are spread all over the world, but you still need to discuss complex cases with them to make the right diagnosis and choose the best management options.

  • Create your own DefinitiveDx Paediatric Radiology panel
  • Invite your international peers to join it
  • Share interesting cases and help each other find the definitive diagnoses
  • Update the case with results of investigations to discuss the best management options

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